A Modern Look

Tribune Tower is an iconic skyscraper amidst the historic Chicago skyline. Once the home of the Chicago Tribune, now the Tribune Tower offers luxury residences. The goal with this project was to create a sophisticated user experience that reflected the Tribune Tower brand and attracted prospective residents to contact the sales team.

Interactive Map

One of the most interesting requirements for this project was an interactive points of interest map. The goal with this feature was to give the user a sense of how close Tribune Tower is to downtown restaurants, shopping and other amenities. The map is designed for a pleasant user experience on but desktop and mobile devices.

Locale Map (Desktop)


This site makes use of subtle animations to elevate the user experience. The animations are triggered as the user scrolls down the page, which results in a smooth, progressive approach to loading content. Some of the animations were complex and required multiple parts of the page to animate at the same time. To accomplish this, I leaned on GreenSock, which allows you to chain multiple animations together and customize settings like start time offsets and duration.

Home Page Animations

Award Wining Design

Most notably, this website won the 2019 Web Marketing Association’s Innovator Award. This was a collective effort of the all-star team at Altos.

Project Details

  • Role: Web development
  • Team: Altos
  • Launched: 2019


  • Interactive map (Vue.js)
  • Scroll-based animations
  • 2019 WMA Innovator Award winner

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