Simplifying A Wide Array Of Product Options

Rimol Greenhouses manufactures and distributes greenhouse supplies across the US. One of their most popular products is the Bobcat Greenhouse. The goal for this project was to simplify the customer experience and streamline orders for the Bobcat greenhouse.

We chose to use WooCommerce for the Bobcat Product Builder because of it’s customization options. The product page itself was designed to show available options categorized in sections and guide the customer through each section step by step. This addressed the potential issue of customers being overwhelmed with too many product options.

The relationships between product options for the Bobcat greenhouse are complex. Selecting one option from a given section can change the options available in other sections. We built the product page to conditionally show/hide relevant product options based on previously selected options. For example, if the 16×48 frame size is selected, the customer would not see product options for the 16×72 and 16×96 frame sizes.

The end result is an eCommerce experience that is easy to navigate and walks the customer through purchasing a greenhouse with confidence.

Project Details

  • Role: Web development
  • Team: Altos
  • Launched: 2020


  • Custom eCommerce checkout
  • Intuitive product option categories
  • Conditional field logic

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