Driving Sign Ups Through Playful, Animation-Rich Design

Front-End Fortnightly is a developer-focused mailing list that highlights noteworthy links on the topic of front-end web development (end marketing pitch). This landing page is an example of web design centered around getting the user to take action.

The animations for this project were a fun to explore and prototype. I wanted to aim for something that intrigues without distracting from the goal of driving more mailing list sign ups. First, there is a 3D effect on the H1 title that changes perspective based on the user’s mouse position. This adds a subtle touch of movement without overpowering the design. Then there are the randomly generated triangles that slowly float upward in the background. Every 6 seconds, 14 new triangles are generated off screen and slowly float into view. The cumulative effect is quite satisfying.

See the Pen Floating Triangles by Matt Litzinger (@mattlitzinger) on CodePen.

Little touches like these animations can elevate a simple landing page to something unique and thoughtful. These animations were a lot of fun to concept and I’m trilled with the end result.

Project Details

  • Role: Web design & development
  • Launched: 2021


  • Modern landing page design
  • Subtle use of animation

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