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Destiny Rescue is an anti-human trafficking organization with three funding nations and an ever growing list of project nations. With staff and volunteers in this many countries, normal administration tasks can be difficult to carry out. During my time on Destiny Rescue’s media team, I was able to implement a solution for automating the admin and designer work needed in creating and updating email signatures for staff and volunteers. The solution is simple but effective. It’s an internal form that allows the user to enter their title, country, and relevant contact details. When the form is submitted, it generates the email signature HTML that can be copy/pasted into any email client. The images for organization logo and social links are hosted publicly, so there is no issue with missing images and there is even a section on the results page with help links for adding the HTML signature to popular email clients.

Project Details

  • Role: Web development
  • Team: Destiny Rescue
  • Launched: 2014


  • Decreased admin time
  • Standardized branding


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