To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), I am offering free consulting hours on May 18, 2023. These sessions will be most beneficial for small and midsize businesses seeking to improve their understanding of digital accessibility and improve the usability of their products for disabled users. To make the most of our time, please come prepared with specific questions or discussion points (it’s okay if that’s a general overview of digital accessibility).

If you are interested in signing up for one of these sessions, you can reserve your slot using the scheduling link below.


The sessions will be conducted virtually via Google Meet.

No, these sessions are for consulting only. Comprehensive audits and remediation work will not be performed as part of each time slot.

From a business standpoint, there’s a compelling case for prioritizing digital accessibility. Accessibility best practices are closely linked to improved user experience, which is a win for all users. When you take steps to make web accessibility a priority everyone benefits.

Boost Engagement
Roughly 25% of adults will have a temporary or permanent disability at some point in their lifetime ( Addressing barriers that prevent these users from engaging with your content can improve your business reach.

Avoid Lawsuits
Digital accessibility is required for most businesses and ADA-related lawsuits continue to increase year over year ( By taking a proactive approach to fixing major accessibility issues, you can minimize your liability.