I enjoy learning new things and I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve the way I memorize information. Over the past year, I’ve been working on a new learning system and I’m excited to announce it here first.

Stack Library is an online learning platform that uses flashcards to help you master new topics of study. You can create your own stacks, discover stacks created by others, track your progress and invite friends to learn with you.

Why Are Flashcards So Effective?

Research shows that flashcards help us retain information longer than traditional review techniques. Flashcards use active recall and spaced repetition to help you memorize information quickly and commit it to long-term memory. These techniques work together to form a lasting connection, which is why flashcards are the go-to study tool for students of all levels.

How Is Stack Library Unique?

Stack Library’s goal is to help you learn anything faster using flashcards. The app achieves this by leveraging the techniques that already exist with traditional flashcards and joining them with the technology we have available today. The extensive library gives you access to flashcards created by people all over the world. In-depth analytics allow you to see your progress and identify areas of improvement. Stacks can be created using images, broadening learning potential for topics such as language, art history and geography. All these features work together to create a optimized learning experience that helps you master new topics.

Most importantly, Stack Library is for anyone with a desire to learn something new. Maybe you are a hobby historian looking to brush up on ancient geography or a wordsmith looking to expand your vocabulary. There are many practical applications that don’t require you to be a full-time student. I am thrilled about the possibilities and eager to see the things people will create.

Try It for Yourself

The public beta just launched and you can sign up by going to stacklibrary.com. If you have questions about Stack Library or the upcoming release, please contact info@stacklibrary.com.

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